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Jul. 5th, 2005 | 09:40 pm

so my art appreciation class is ultra retarded. everyday more and more i long to be traveling through out china. i just want to be somewhere else. i dont know why. fourth of july was fun....we went to the beach all day and then came home and bbqed and drank all night. steve and i layed up on the roof at midnight to watch the late night explosions. but we got eaten up by mesquitos.

so i need to find a new job...im tired of working at brewzzis and i dont know if i want to work in a restaurant anymore. the thing that sucks is that restaurants tend to pay more. katie is pretty confident that ill be able to go to boston with her for a month. i hope...that would be fabulous.

steve and i got into an argument the other night. i didnt want to go home after that. but i did. i was just in a horrible mood and i took it out on him. we havent had "relations" in a zillion years, so i think we're stressed out. plus we're stressed with money. blah blah...i hate money, i wish i could just pack up and drive around the world.......

well i need to be productive,

p.s. i make fabulous margaritas

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new goals

Jun. 25th, 2005 | 12:05 am

heres are my goals:
*save up enough money to hopefully go to new york for a month with katie!!!
*save up enough money to study abroad in beijing, china by next summer....8,000$
*find a new job
*become rich and famous....bitches
*win the lotto...ahhaah
*work out every day and eat healthier

im sure that i can do all....except win the lotto...but that would be nice. i really hope i can do the traveling thing to china!!! my life would be complete.

on a different note....today rachelle's (bartender at work) car got broken into at work tonight. they didnt take anything except her cd player face plate. but the same people stole a car and broke into 4 others. ghetto.

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(no subject)

Jun. 17th, 2005 | 04:19 pm
mood: fullfull
music: gorillaz-dare

is it too early to start planning for retirement? i read an article today about it and it got me wondering if i should set something up now. so that when i retire i'll be loaded!!!! i look at my parents....and fear for them because i know that they wont be able to----they will work until the day they die.

family life is hard these days....steve and i are doing great! today we went grocery shopping and there were little annoying kids everywhere and he just looked at me and said...."fucking kids...who needs them?" and iu laughed so hard....then hes like seriously...i dont want kids if they're gonna be like this...

that scares me since i didnt get my period this month. i'm assuming its just stress becuase ive spend a zillion dollars on ept tests and they all say not pregnant...thank god!

ok now i have to get ready to go to work.....i hope i made another 450!!!
that'd be awesome

o steve and i joined LA Fitness yesterday. one openned by our house. im excited, tomorrow we meet with a trainer. woohoo.
the people there are nice. i just hope that i keep up on it and not slack off. today when we went shopping i bought all kinda of healthy foods and veggies and fruits and lots of fish, then i wanted fried chix so we bought that too.....it was my last fatty meal!

p.s. gorillaz is awesome----buy the album....i cant get it outta my head!

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when i grow up

Jun. 12th, 2005 | 01:21 pm
mood: excitedexcited
music: radiohead-everything in its right place

so im being givin the chance to travel around the country- all expenses paid, and they pay me about 800$ a week. and all i have to do is promote some businesses. im sooo excited. i really hope i get to do this. it'll be for a month so i'll have to postpone school for a semester, but i would love to be able to change my scenary. steve and i were talking about what we want out of life and our goals and priorities, and it seems like mine have changed....yet again. where as before i just wanted to be really successful and go to school and then make tons of money and buy a huge house and whatever. have nice cars.
but now it seems like to me, traveling is more important. i dont care if i dont own a house until another 10 years.....im 19 i dont need one now. but i look at my parents and they've never got to travel or see the world. i dont wanna be 85 years old and ask "what is japan like" i wanna be 85 years old and say "remember when we went to japan..."

so i think im gonnna do this thing and maybe i'll change my major to something that travels. but the downside with that is what if in like a zillion years.....or 7 years i'm ready to have a baby? you cant travel with a kid. and i dont want to have my kid grow up without me.

what do i do??????????????

so the other night i think i may have made steve mad. i told him that sometimes i wish i where single....not that i want to break up with him, just that if things keep progressing the way they do with us, we'll be married in a couple of years. i know this sounds ho-ish but if i marry him, i'll never know what its like to have sex with someone else. or ill never know what its like to be 22 and single and pick up hotties at a bar. but i wouldnt waste our relationship on a thought like that. he kinda understood but said that we would never break up with me because we're too good together. <----that kinda made me feel bad.

so i had a good weekend at work....i closed the bar on friday night......435$ thank you very much.....there were some hotties out too..... i definately flirted a lot and 'worked it' hahhaha. as much as i hate working at brewzzi, i do make good money, but sometimes its not worth the shit you have to put up with....like the managers and gerard.....ahhhhhhhhhh asshole.

well i have to get crackin on my homework

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it puts the lotion on its skin

May. 18th, 2005 | 01:22 am
mood: cheerfulcheerful
music: dane cook

school at 10am......i wish i could fucking sleep.

im wide awake though. steve and i look at a couple of townhouses tomorrow. im sooo nervous. i want a regular house, but we gotta start somewhere small and work our way to the top. our goal is to be financially set by 30 so that we can own a couple pieces of property and rent them out or just by random pieces of land and make money. yay. like steves grandma.....she bought her house for 13,000$$$ my car costs more than that. granted she bought it 30 years ago. anywho its on over an acre of land and these develpers want her land to build on. they offered her half a mil. we told her to hold out for more. they cant build there if she has a big chunk of the land can they?? nope!

i wish i couold afford to go to the art institute. its gonna cost me 70,000$ to complete my degree there. holy hell thats expensive. the lady was like can you borrow the money from someone....yea like its pocket change. "hey dad how ya doing? awesome.....cn i borrow 70 thousand dollars. cool thanks" because that would happen.

i had a weird dream last night...but i liked it. it seemed like i was at a bachlorette party, i think it was mine (there was a semi-naked guy dancing up on me) and the dancer.......HOTTIE....and i were like all over each other. then everyone left after a while and the guy was in regular clothes and i kept trying to talk to him and then there was like some weird murder mystery he was involved in....i dunno, all i remembered was that he was hott!!!
you know who else is hot?

RYAN REYNOLDS!!!!! YUMM i'd lick him up oneside and down the next,

also... DANE COOK. i recently purchased his cd/dvd. i like it. he could put sweet and sour sauce all over my body! haha. ok well i think ill try to sleep now.

p.s. crystal h---your monroe was sexy! your bf was sexy! you were sexy! i'm going to look at a place in your neighborhood. see you around.

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(no subject)

May. 1st, 2005 | 07:16 pm

so first of all can i just say that if ryan reynolds made a porno....i might have to quit my job because id have to watch it all day!

what a fuckin hottie!!! if you havent seen amity horrorville......GO SEE IT. his sweaty hot bod......grrrrr! makes me all hot and bothered just thinkin about it. he is definately on my to fuck list. ahahahaha


on tuesday steve and i sign a bunch of papers and we compare banks and find out how much of a loan we'll get. im sooo excited about this! i cant wait to be in my new house........we'll it'll be old, but new to me.
it'll probably be in the ghetto. ahha its alright. the realtor said that as long as everything goes smoothly and we find a house soon.....by mid- june we'll be in a new house. cant wait!
the first room we'll work on will be the kitchen... we're getting all stainless steel stuff. gas stove! and some kind of faux finishing on the wall..... and if the space allows....a small island or bar

ok im tired......bye

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happiness is just $175,000 away

Apr. 27th, 2005 | 05:13 pm


steve and i are buying a house!!!!!!!!

i hope you can feel my happiness!
we've been looking for the past week. we can pretty much only afford ugly ghouses but thats all i want.....anything with a roof and walls will do. so that way my artistic abilities will shine through.

what sucks is that i just painted the place we're in now...but i think kenny might stay here so i dont have to worry about it. steve wants to have kenny live with us while we do renovations but kenny has a puppy that eats everything and im done with puppies....roxy thankfully has started to calm down.

anywho.....house! sigh!

well i think we'll meet with a realtor/ broker on thursday to look at more places and fill out papers.

steve and i have had a great year so far......we both bought a car, we went to new york and now we're buying a house..,...hopefully

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(no subject)

Apr. 10th, 2005 | 11:06 am
mood: chipperchipper
music: dave mathews band-american baby

i hate to gloat......wait i love it
but last night i bartended on the paa-tee-oo bar and made a killing....i was at work till 3:30 am, almost a 10 hr shift, my longest shift, and i made:


woah....thats hot!!!

im soo happy. but today i feel like i was hit by a car. uggg

thursday steve and i went to tampa to see his new baby neice. shes adorable.
i felt so excited when steves sis-in-law called me auntie. hahaha

shes 3 weeks old and already crawling around and lifting her head.....not normal for her age.

shes a strong baby,

i cant wait to have a baby one day
like one day 10 years from now.

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(no subject)

Mar. 28th, 2005 | 07:36 pm

i just totally bombed my math test..... like i answered maybe 4 of the 15 questions. i couldnt concentrate on anything at all...ive been pushing myself way to hard lately....like i have now found a new obsession....work. i work so much that on my 1 day off i end up either going in to work or picking up a last minute shift. its almost like a sickness. and then i wear myself out.
also i just found out some disturbing news about my mom and lil sis. i'm sooo upset and confused and well i cant find the right words for the way i feel....all i know is that right now i feel sick to my stomach. i dont know if i can talk to my mom the same as i did before.
i want to run away....i know i live on my own...but i want to just leave. i wish i could talk to someone now.

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thank god im home

Mar. 13th, 2005 | 01:35 pm

well i got back from ny last night. it snowed on tuesday and thursday. it was freezing the rest of the time. but we still had a blast. steve and i went to central park, the metropolitain museam, chinatown (several times), the empire state building (rip off), times square, rockafeller center, fao schwartz, trump plaza, statue of liberty, we saw the lion king on broadway, went ice skating, went to a drag queen restuarnt/ bar (that was probably the funnest).
we had so much fun, and we excepted to run into thousands of rude people, but on the contrary, everyone there was sooo nice, and helpful. and our hotel was really nice......with a horrible view, but thats ok.

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